Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wine Wednesday

So the title of this post is a bit deceiving since I have not in fact had a glass of wine tonight, but rather I wanted to post about an amazing dinner we made a couple nights ago in honor of our normal Wednesday night tradition. Because of Andrew's job schedule, Wednesday has always been the first night he isn't working late, so between that and the fact that it's usually worth a celebration to make it though the first half of a work week, we typically will go to Red or White, which is one of our favorite Mobile restaurants (that's conveniently about a quarter mile from our house!) Unfortunately though, a new year means a new schedule for my hubby, so we've decided to try out wine night on Monday...and this week was a success! We didn't do Red or White since they're actually closed for dinner on Mondays, but we didn't miss out on any of the amazing flavors we normally have!

We started the night with a cheese board and a glass of Apothic Red, which is a semi-dry table wine and one of my favorites! The board we made had a spicy capocollo meat, apricot fruit paste, roasted nuts, goat cheese, cheddar, and camembert. Andrew also toasted a french bread loaf in a little olive oil which is the perfect compliment to any cheese!

To make the roasted nuts, we heated 2 tablespoons of honey over low heat until it had thinned out, and then we added 1/2 cup each pecans and walnuts, and cooked for about 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Once done we laid them out on a sheet of wax paper to cool.

(Credit the snazzy slate cheese board to my hubby who despite tsk-ing at my shopping habits has extremely good taste in design and decor!)

As we munched on our tasty cheese board, we assembled our pizzas. Now, in true Red or White fashion, we didn't want to make a "normal" pizza that we could order just anywhere, so we made what I called a "rustic farmhouse" pizza featuring a pesto base and topped with roasted chicken, fresh corn, red peppers, roasted garlic, and parmesan cheese. We used pre-made flat breads which made the process much easier and faster too!

Once all three pizzas were perfectly topped, we put them in a 450 degree oven for about 10 minutes, until the crust had turned golden and the cheese had melted.

Based on how delicious and fun this meal was to make, I have a feeling that Mondays may just have to be our new date night. And to that, I'll raise my glass....and maybe go pour myself one :)

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