Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekend Trip - Snowy Visit to Indiana!

This past weekend Andrew and I drove up to Indiana to see family and friends, and while we were there we got to see our first snow in nearly three years!!!! Needless to say, the pups were more than thrilled with the chilly temperatures, so I thought I could share a few of the cute pictures we got of our little fur babies!

I love that I was able to capture a couple action shots of our crazies being crazy!


Aussies are quick moving so it's hard to get pics sometimes, but I was able to capture this one of Mav's furry booty and little paw. :)

The third little squirt in this picture is my grandpa's dog Buddy...he enjoyed having some company to run around with!

Mav says...we loveeeeeee snow!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Dinner - Potato Conecuh Quesadilla

This recipe is actually from a couple weeks ago (hence the conecuh sausage from my philly cheese conecuh sandwich recipe and the potatoes from my wing recipe), but it's a great example of how there is ALWAYS enough time to throw together a quick and easy (and yummy!) weeknight dinner. 

It was probably during my time as a poor college student that I realized how amazing quesadillas are, both because of how little time they take to prepare and the fact that you can throw almost anything between those two tortillas and it will taste good smothered in melty cheese. I'm sure they will make an appearance more than once on this blog, but for now I'm going to share one I made only from leftover ingredients.

I started with taco sized tortillas, shredded mozzarella cheese, conecuh sausage, sauteed potatoes, and green onions... I also had some leftover queso and salsa from the OK Bicycle Shop, one of our favorite casual restaurants in Mobile. 

I roughly chopped the sausage and potatoes into small pieces. You could really chop your ingredients into whatever size you want, but keep in mind that the smaller your tortilla shell is, the smaller you'll want your pieces so they don't fall out during the flip!

I briefly sauteed the sausage and potatoes until they were slightly crisped, about 5 minutes each. I also chopped up two of the green onions. 

While my pan was heating up over medium heat, I prepared my tortillas. Personally, I like to coat my tortillas in some sort of oil so they'll turn a crispy golden color when cooked. I find that a light coat of Pam cooking spray does just the trick without adding any calories. You could also lightly rub canola or softened butter on your tortillas if you want a little more crispiness. 

I laid the first tortilla in a pan and added a thick layer of cheese, sausage, potatoes, and green onions. I then sprinkled a light second layer of cheese over the top so it would adhere to the top tortilla.

As the quesadilla sizzled in the pan, I sprayed the top with Pam cooking spray and let it cook for about 5 minutes. 

Once the cheese was completely melted and the bottom turned golden brown, I flipped the quesadilla so the other side could finish cooking, about 3 more minutes. 

Once both sides turned golden brown, I turned off the heat and let the quesadilla sit for a few minutes before cutting it into quarters (I use a pizza cutter to get through all the layers). I served this with some chips and salsa and had an easy weeknight dinner in less than 15 minutes! Enjoy!

Cocktail - Caramel Apple Pie-tini

It's been a busy few weeks...I'm so behind on posting! I'll have to do some double-duty to share the recipes and crafts going on in the Rough house!

With it being the start to my first full week of work in awhile, I thought I'd share a martini recipe that makes a Monday more bearable...I'm calling it my caramel apple pie-tini. 

To start, you'll need caramel vodka, apple pucker, and fireball (or any cinnamon flavored whiskey equivalent).

Mix one shot (1.5 oz) of vodka, one shot of apple pucker, and half shot of fireball into a shaker filled with ice. I also added about a shot of water, since there is a LOT of sugar and that helped tone it down and make it much easier to drink.

Line a martini glass with caramel topping...I use the easy pour sundae syrup bottle for a cute design :)

And that's it!!! You have a great way to start your week off with a martini Monday.