Monday, February 8, 2016

Gift Guide: Wedding Invitation Candle

With Valentines Day right around the corner, the craze for gift-buying begins...lucky for me, Andrew and I have never really done the whole V-Day scene other than seeing the night as a convenient excuse to go to a nice dinner. Truth be told, I'm not the overly-romantic type (hence why I reacted with more excitement over a vacuum this Christmas than a homemade blue French horn), but I can still appreciate a holiday dedicated to love, which is why I wanted to share a craft I created for my sister last Valentines Day!

To give some background, my sister IS the romantic type who is also sentimental and loves all things that remind her of the man in her life. So as her matron of honor in her wedding last fall, I thought it would be cute to create a memorable gift that can constantly remind her of their special day. And all it took was a candle from Walmart and a little wax paper! Well...and a wedding invitation of course...

For the candle, I decided cream-colored would look best with their champagne-pink invitation. I wrapped the invitation around the candle using rubber bands and let it sit for a week or so to help it mold better, and then I simply cut a piece of wax paper and ironed it onto the candle!! I used just the end of the iron and made sure there wasn't any steam in it and simply wiped it with a paper towel when I was done! The hardest part was definitely the corners, so if I had to do it again I'd possibly glue them down before adding the wax paper.

With the wax paper over the invitation, it had a neat vintage effect that almost looked like it was part of the candle! And although it wasn't perfect, it was a thoughtful gift she could display on a shelf next to one of their wedding photos. 

For anyone in need of some gift inspiration, I hope this helps! To those of you like me who would rather make fun gifts for your sister, well here ya go too :)