Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Crafting a Desktop Calendar

So I know I say this every month, but SERIOUSLY! How can it be February?!? I feel like the days have just flown by this year, and from the looks of it they're not slowing down! And in saying that, I also realize I'm literally a month late in sharing one of my holiday crafting projects, but I figured better late than never :)

I've recently become obsessed with desktop calendars because they give a desk a unique and modern look, and although my 2015 Purdue wall calendar has sparked some fun conversations when people walk into my office, I thought a new year would be a good time for a new look! So I started the fun job of shopping on Etsy to see what I could find, but quickly became disappointed by the $20-30 price tags, some of which didn't even come with a stand! (and yes, before I have any calligraphers out there get upset by this comment, I do realize many are hand-written so the price is justified...I just didn't want to pay it!) After a few days of not seeing anything that I wanted, I decided to just make one myself, and I'm happy to report it was EXACTLY what I was wanting!

For the materials, I already had card stock, a printer, and an X-Acto wheel at my house, so all I needed was the stand which I found at Dollar Tree.  I decided to keep things simple and use a cream-colored card stock and a gold stand since I have quite a few pictures hanging up and didn't want to busy my work space any more than it already is. I was a little worried about the paper matching the walls too closely, but it seems to stand out with the print on it!

For the font options, I didn't like any of the ones already on Microsoft, so I downloaded the Quickier Demo font...it had a more hand-drawn look that works well for this calendar. I then created a calendar PPT (click to download my template) to easily print out the sheets.

(You'll notice on my template that there are faint lines to help with cutting the pages...those could easily be removed if you have a legit paper cutter!)

To cut the sheets, I started out using the X-Acto wheel, but honestly found it easier to just cut by hand...some of my lines weren't as precise as I would've hoped, so if you're more patient that I am just stick with the ruler and a cutting wheel :) 

Once I cut all the sheets (which measure about 5" x 6") I took them to work where my calendar found a cute little spot on my desk! In love!!

Happy 2016!!! (a month late!)