Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Tablescape - New Years Eve 2014

Tonight was a "new table" kind of night. I always love new table night. It gives some change to the house without a complete redecoration, and it's fun to see what combinations of tablecloth/napkin/decor I can use. Plus I thought what better time to change out the Christmas lace for some sparkle since tomorrow is New Years Eve?! 

In my head, my tablescapes always aim to look like the elaborate, professionally decorated ones I see on Pinterest...unfortunately, they usually don't quite make it to that level (plus many times there is no place to actually eat with those fancy tables), but it's still a fun, crafty thing to do on a chilly, stormy night!

Anyways...I digress...I've recently become obsessed with rose gold, so I was THRILLED to see rose gold candle holders and sparkly candles at World Market on their Christmas clearance for half off! I was a little disappointed that they didn't have a short candle, but I think I made it work (with an upside down Pyrex bowl!). I also found some beautiful black silk, rose accent fabric at Hancocks...with my 50% off coupon, the $14.99/yard price tag was totally manageable!

I offset the black fabric with some ivory place mats, and made some short fake-flower arrangements to compliment the rose gold and ivory....all from Dollar Tree...such a wonderful store for simple projects like this!

I still need to find some black napkins, or maybe some black plates that I can write on with rose gold permanent marker, but overall I feel pretty accomplished. Now to watch some Food Network with my wine... :)